Month: August 2018

Best and Affordable Hotels in Ajah Lekki

The business of hotels or guests house has been on the trend in the country’s business forum, this is due to the high demands of the relaxation centre.  Interestingly, when you think of having a nerve-soothing relaxation and long-lasting outing, hotels in Ajah can afford you of the fantasy beyond what the piece will cover. The locale has many hotels but the finest, well structure and equipped, awesome, and affordable hotels in Ajah, Lekki will be briefly discussed in my writing. The reason for selecting a few is to avoid bulky or wordy article, however, if it happens that...

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Best Private Schools in Ajah Lekki

The desire to be lettered has gained a sporadic momentum in the country’s hall of decision which invariably tantamount to the insatiable quest by the parents’ in sending their wards to the best and reputable schools in the land. Understandably, illiteracy is a disease that has its cure in the learning centres. So, in a bid to curb the menace of this endemic disorder in the country, many have pitched their tent towards erecting schools that share the view of mitigating the widespread of the disease. As a writer of note, I can’t shy away from the laudable strides...

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