Month: September 2016

5 Reputable Real Estate Agents in Badagry

Several people have started showing interest in Badagry upon the announcement of the Badagry Sea Port by the Lagos State Government. This is really a smart business idea because Badagry is going to be one of the most competitive cities in Lagos state. If you are among the hundreds of people who regularly bombard Google with questions related to real estate in Badagry, this short list will be of great help to you. I have seen that some of the big companies in the state are already venturing into the market, however it is not 100% safe to do...

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Top Companies to Work in Badagry

There are some reputable companies to work in Badagry; however not so many people know or talk about them. If you’re planning to relocate to Badagry, It is very likely that you’re reading this article because you don’t want to be jobless and directionless after your relocation. I have conducted proper research and found that the companies highlighted below are some of the top companies in Badagry with the highest job opportunities for graduates and artisans. Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd is one of the producers & exporters of the premium brand of sea frozen products from Nigeria....

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