Month: May 2016

5 Most Expensive Hotels In Badagry

BADAGRY HOTEL DISCOUNT Get 10% Discount When You Book Hotel In Badagry. Contact Us On WhatsApp In the previous article I published some of the best hotels in Badagry, and now I have compiled the list of the 5 most expensive hotels in Badagry for those who prefer expensive and first class services. First class hotel services doesn’t end at Eko hotel. There are great hotels in Badagry with outstanding service and brilliant facilities. These hotels compete with other top hotels in Lagos, and some of them even gain popularity beyond Lagos. Of course, they might not be the best,...

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Lesson or Tutorial Centers in Badagry

Finding a reputable tutorial centers in Badagry is one of the major challenges of parents who wish to enroll their children for holidays or after school lessons. Obviously, there are many tutorial centers in Badagry; however not all of them are fully functional. Some of the available tutorial centers only have facilities for senior secondary students and JAMB applicants. In this short article I will list some of the lesson centers in Badagry and their location. While this article will provide valuable information for you, it does not recommend any of the centers whatsoever. It is important for parents...

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Top 5 Computer Training Centers in Badagry

There are many computer training centers in Badagry listed on various business directories; however most of the centers are out of business or unverified. If you’re planning to enroll for a training program, don’t just pick a center from the listings in the local business directories but try as much as possible to verify that the information is correct. You can easily conduct quick research to find out if the computer centers actually deal in what they advertise online. For instance, most cyber café centers listed computer training as part of their programs. If you don’t make your findings,...

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