Evolve Makeup Nigeria, known to many customers and students as Evolve or Evolve Makeup, is one of the pioneer and fully registered professional makeup companies in Lagos, Nigeria. At a time when only few people and organizations care about the industry, Evolve Makeup came up with the aim of transforming Nigerian women and revealing the true beauty in them, and of course, that has been their identity since 2009.

If you think you know Evolve Makeup Nigeria pretty much, i’ll tell you 10 more things you probably didn’t know about them. Interestingly, these are something that only few counterparts in the country can boast of.

  1. They serve customers outside the country.

You’re hearing this for the first time, right? Yes, that’s one of the things you probably didn’t know about Evolve Makeup Nigeria. Over the years, they’ve served customers outside Nigeria particularly in the neighboring African countries, and they now work with foreign professionals in different parts of the world.

  1. They offer makeup consultancy

Makeup consultancy is one of the key features that differentiate the pros from the amateurs. Consulting for top organizations and giving professional makeup advice to public figures has been one of their distinguished qualities since 2009.

  1. They offer professional makeup training and certification

As you might have guessed, training is one of their things. Like the popular saying; you can only give what you have. So if you are looking for a full service makeup company that offers training and certification, definitely you’d want to consider Evolve Makeup Nigeria.

  1. They organize makeup events

Check their social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Instagram and you’ll learn more about the various events they’ve organized. I personally see this as one of the most difficult things to achieve, knowing that organizing events in this part of the world is really not easy. So, kudos to them!

  1. They also make GELE

Our mothers (Nigerian women) loves it. Yes, i’m talking of GELE. And guess what, Evolve Makeup Nigeria is giving it to them in all variants and styles. How would you rock your ASOEBI better without having your head tie? Check their social profile to find out more about it. Of course, i’ll share links to their social media accounts at the end of this post.

  1. Over 5000 customers served across both locally and internationally

I actually reduced the number because it is way more than that. You can’t dispute this. Let’s count starting from 2009 up till today. Yes, let’s just say they do 2 makeup per day. Leave other services out of it for now. Now, if you calculate that for nine good years, you’ll be looking at 6500. Of course, the actual number is more than that.

  1. They are active on social media

Any doubting thomas? Maybe such person is using Nokia 3310 and he/she could not access the internet. With over 13,000 fans on Facebook and over 5000 on Instagram, you definitely would understand how active they are. If you’re not following them just yet, now you should. See links below.

  1. They also supply genuine makeup accessories

Who else could supply original makeup accessories if not someone who’s been in the business almost a decade? You know the answer. However if you want to know why you need to purchase makeup accessories from professionals like Evolve Makeup Nigeria, go try buy from one road side sellers and tell me what happens to your face after few days.

  1. They also makeup for males

I was like, are they for real? Yes, i answered by myself. They are for real. “NO BE ONLY WOMEN NEED TO LOOK GOOD”, at least, men too need it. I think this is their thought when they introduced makeup for men. And yes, what i saw in their Instagram handle is really amazing. So, men check it out.

  1. They produce series of live training videos.

Like i always say, the best way to separate the doers from the talkers is to ask for their sample work. And if they tell you stories, then the truth should be smilling within you. Why do you think i choose to write about Evolve Makeup Nigeria? Because they paid me? Or maybe the owner is my family? You’re wrong! I choose to write around them after conducting thorough research and i decided to give people the best. And yes, i was able to validate all my findings after viewing their videos.

You can find most of their videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Evolve Makeup Nigeria Contact Information

Address: 97, Falolu street, off akerele, Surulere Lagos, Nigeria
Facebook messenger @evolvemakeupnigeria

Phone: 0703 254 0174

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/evolvemakeupnigeria/

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