The job-hunting world is a very competitive one. Job seekers go through a lot to get themselves noticed, considered for interview and ultimately, hired. The internet itself is awash with tips for successful interviews but most job applicants today have found out that in reality, these tips are not enough.

Marketers will always say that packaging is critical to the consumer-acceptance of a product. This is exactly what a resume does for the job seeker: it uses the qualities, abilities and credentials of the applicant to present the applicant in an irresistibly, attractive manner. By this, the hiring manager, becomes curious and interested to meet them.

For this reason, resume writers are in high demand. Most job seekers who do not want to put their hiring chances in jeopardy, outsource the job to resume writers for maximum results.

On Fiverr, freelancers specialized in resume writing abound. They provide these services on a considerably lower rate than what is obtainable elsewhere but are surprisingly making money from it.

In today’s article, we are going to focus on 8 Fiverr resume writers from the USA. We’ll evaluate their success and their gig offerings.


Fiverr Resume Writers

Daniel_tubo, a level 2 seller, leads the way saying, “I will write, rewrite or design a perfect RESUME CV and cover letter your resume writer.” As at the time of this study, he has completed and delivered 131 orders, with 6 more in queue. He has a 99% average rating from his satisfied clients. With $30, you can order his basic gig offering and your resume will be written. Daniel_tubo boasts of his Harvard training and speaks 31 languages. Order his gig here, and get your first-hand experience of a Harvard graduate.

Paulresume, another interesting Fiverr Resume Writer from the USA, will not just give your resume a modern design, but also give you some interview winning tips. He has made his mark with 89 completed and delivered orders with a 99% review. His basic gig offering starts at $10. Hear him, “I will write, rewrite or design a perfect RESUME CV and cover letter your resume writer.” Meanwhile, he still has 4 orders to complete – why not order his gig here before the queue becomes too long?

Careerplus, also a level 2 seller, follows with 574 completed and delivered orders with 3 more in queue. He has a 97% review from his clients who were satisfied with his results and his basic gig offering is $35. His offer, “I will provide resume writing services,” is direct – and I suspect it is the reason behind his success. He sounds pretty confident in his abilities, has a good customer service record and speaks 3 languages. Order his gig here, and give your career a PLUS!


Fiverr Resume Writers

Resumepro360 joins his countrymen and has done quite well for himself in this niche. As a resume writer, he provides you an effective resume and backs it up with a good cover letter and an update on your Linked In profile! He has satisfied 37 clients already who were glad to give him a 100% rating! Resume_pro360 gives a money-back guarantee and did I mention that his basic gig offering is $5? Exploit this opportunity now and have your resume written by a pro!

Resumewriter2 sounds quite friendly as she mentions in her description that she is committed to your success. She has made true this statement in 11 completed and delivered resumes with a back-patting 99% review! She has maintained her offer, “I will write, rewrite and edit professional resume and cover letter resume writer” and her clients keep coming. Her basic gig offering is $10. Meet her

Pearlresume falls into line saying, “I will write or create a professional resume or CV your resume writer.”She has completed 36 jobs with 2 still in queue. Her basic gig offer starts at $25. She has a 95% rating and is clearly good at what she does. Why not let her write yours too? Go here.

 Another Fiverr resume writer from the USA that caught my attention is ericjames50. This guy has a unique approach which has been working for him: he discusses with you first to determine what suits you best and then creates your resume based on it. He says, “I will write, rewrite or create resume, CV or cover letter the resume writer.” He has already written 111 resumes with this strategy and stands on a 96% review. Join him here and get discussing already!

And here comes the last of the unique 8. He is not by any means the least as he stands out with his offer for unlimited revisions. Rolandresume is poised to make you happy and satisfied with his unlimited revision offer. He is a certified resume writer who is committed to your success. He has a 94% review from 37 happy clients. Meet him here and drop your own review as well.

These 8 Fiverr resume writers from the USA are clearly doing well.Their success is based on hardwork and their unwavering commitment to satisfy their clients.Each of them are unique in their own way and therefore, must offer something that suits your resume writing needs. Get that job with an effective resume – let the pros do it for you!