Cartoon art, which history dates back to the 19th century, has remained a popular form of art. Through the years, it has metamorphosed from the art of caricature to what we have today – cartoon.

This art form has a friendly and humorous appeal to its viewer and has over time, become popular and conventional for people to want to have a cartoon face of them drawn. Some are presented as gifts to loved ones and this has always given the intended the effect on the recipient.

Without much ado, we will look at the 7 professional Fiverr cartoon face sellers who have done exceptionally well in this business. I didn’t grade nor rank them but their satisfied customers did.

Azumaken, a level 2 seller, begins the roll with 1531 completed and delivered orders. These satisfied customers place him on a 98% rating for keeping to his offer, “I will draw your photo Cartoon.” Azumaken is a free-style artist on Fiverr whose gig description is clear and simple. He delivers his cartoons in a .png and a landscape format. Find out more about him



This seller describes himself as a professional freelance cartoonist. This has attracted 404 customers who endorsed him with a 98% rating. He still has 14 customers in his queue. Incognito007 delivers in 4 different formats and has very interesting gig extras. He offers to, “… draw an amazing cartoon avatar portrait of you” and with $10, you can take him up on that offer. Do that

Ngoclam, who is proudly Vietnamese says, “I will draw cartoon portrait of you.” He is inspired by his love for his country and the beautiful sceneries in it to excel on Fiverr as a cartoon face seller. He has proven this claim to 139 customers who were impressed enough to give him a 96% rating. There are 24 more customers who want to benefit from his inspiration. He has 3 service packages that must suit your preferences with the most basic starting at $5. Click here to get your own experience of the Vietnamese inspiration!

Ice_tea, a rather friendly and humorous level 2 seller on Fiverr, delivers a freestyle drawing in 3 formats. Her offer, “I will draw cartoon portrait of you,” is not hype – as she has completed and delivered 1,142 orders whose owners gave her a nod, worth 97%. She still has 30 more orders to clear up. Ice_tea promises to draw your cartoon face with an expertise “that will give you smiles and enjoyment just as her sweet name does.” She’s Indonesian and is available



Cherylalyona promises to “… make cartoon portrait of youand has clearly kept this promise. 628 customers have confirmed this and rates him at 97%. He has an eye-catching gig photo of his work and delivers a digitally hand-drawn cartoon face to his customers. 9 more people are on his queue waiting to be served. Why not join them here?

Wicak964, a level 2 seller joins his fellow Fiverr cartoon sellers with 389 reviews from his satisfied customers. Their 96% rating attracted more 19 curious customers who need a cartoon face of them drawn. He promises to, “… draw your photo to be a awesome cartoon” and with $5, you can get him to do just that. However, you might want to contact him first before placing your order. Go right here.

Nanamhayonk, though a level 1 seller, has done considerably well for himself as a Fiverr professional cartoon face seller. His offer, “I will draw a cartoon from your photos,” is clear and direct. He has 175 reviews and a 96% rating. He is clearly not a new person in portrait drawing and with $5, you can engage his services. Do that

Are you in need of a professional Fiverr cartoon face seller? There they are! You have a whole lot of 7 options to choose from. They have been tested and trusted and again, I didn’t say so. Their impressed customers did!