There are thousands of SEO gigs that can be very helpful when you need to rank your website in search engine. However, from research, experience and customers’ feedback, I selected the gigs listed below as the 6 Fiverr SEO gigs that work.

These gigs are not the only ones in the SEO subcategory on Fiverr, but they stand out both in effectiveness and the outstanding results they give. If you have been blindly patronizing the SEO gig sellers on Fiverr, this article will serve as an eye-opener to you and arm you with the basic knowledge you need to have about SEO in general.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in today’s world, where almost every business owner or company, has an online presence, the significance of a website to a company’s success has become enormous.

Furthermore, the strategic placement or ranking of these sites, which enables them serve their purpose and improve business is a critical issue for every website owner.

This is where SEO comes in: it is a problem solver for the worried site owner who does not know how to transform his website into a money-making-machine. Where its tools are maximally employed, it prioritizes a website and places it ahead of the competition for recognition – and this is when the money starts rolling in.


On Fiverr in particular, SEO services are not just too numerous, but are one of the highest selling gigs – and one can easily trust and patronize just about any available seller not knowing exactly how effective their service is. The 6 Fiverr SEO gigs that work, are highlighted below:

Note: I do not have any relationship with the sellers whatsoever. I picked up this task because I realized that many would-be buyers are finding it extremely difficult to locate the best gigs on Fiverr. The gigs listed below might disappear at any time. Again, I do not guarantee that they will give you the best for $5. Try to contact them and ask questions before placing your order.

Blboss tops the list with his super selling “I will skyrocket your Google rankings with 30PR9 High Profile SEO social backlinks” gig. This is one of the best SEO gigs I’ve come across on Fiverr. The reviews are pretty amazing, and the description is very straightforward. Clicking on the username (blboss) will take you directly to the gig page. Below is the screenshot taken on 11th 09, 2016 😉


Youngceaser is doing what he knows best with this ridiculously cheap, jaw dropping, “I will rank you first in Google, 50 PR 10 Niche Backlinks, 40 days SEO”. I haven’t been able to figure out how he has been managing to deliver all the orders without falling behind schedule. As at the time of writing this article, the gig has more than 200 orders in queue. This is really amazing. You can check it out if you’re looking for a quality SEO gig.

Onlinesunb will “rank you first in Google with exclusive SEO backlinks for website and Youtube”. I am not saying this on his behalf, LOL. That’s exactly how he describes his gig. Below is the screenshot of the gig. He has more than 4k positive feedbacks, and over a 100 orders in queue as at the time of writing this post.

Crorkservice is one of the few sellers with over a 100,000 reviews on Fiverr. His SEO gig is undoubtedly one of the best. This amazing gig “I will add your site to 800 SEO social bookmarks high quality backlinks, rss, ping” could be the exact thing you need when you need to rank your website to the first page of search engine. Check it out and share your view in the comment box.

Smart_links offers services that built his reputation on Fiverr. How do I know? His feedbacks is the first thing that tell about his work. With 100% positive feedback, he remains one of the best SEO sellers on Fiverr. He promised to “rank you first in Google with All in One SEO links for website and youtube”.

Fastestfacebook has about 9,000 positive feedbacks on this particular gig “I will build over 500 tiered contextual SEO blog posts”. He’s a level two SEO seller with 99% overall positive review. With this gig, it is pretty certain that you can boost your SEO and be among the websites in the first page of search engine.


These are the 6 Fiverr SEO gigs that work.  Keep them in mind when seeking SEO services on Fiverr, and you’ll never regret your choice!

I have taken my time to do the toughest research for you. I derive pleasure in helping people to get things done very quickly. If you have any issue picking the best SEO service for your website, kindly send email to

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