EBooks (electronic books) are invaluable tools in the internet world. They serve a very important and convenient purpose for information marketers, writers, including novel writers and content writers alike, students etc.

These eBooks exist in various forms of which the most popular formats are the pdf (portable document format), the kindle and epub.

Because of this highly economical and convenient role eBooks play in the internet world, they have become very popular and high in demand. Most writers have resorted to eBook writing and have been making a lot of money from it.

EBook writing on Fiverr is highly lucrative and the sellers in this niche are making a lot of money. The reason for this, I suspect, is mostly because most internet marketers outsource the writing of these eBooks to the ever-ready freelancers and pay them for their services.

In this study, we will be looking at 5 reputable Fiverr EBook Writers you can trust. They render top-notch services in eBook writing. They may not be the only ones that know their onions in this niche but they are the ones that caught my attention.



Perfectwriter7 tops the list on Fiverr with 243 completed and delivered orders. She has a 98% rating and still has 27 orders to complete. She charges a basic of $5 and speaks 7 languages. Her offer, “I will ghostwrite and edit your book, kindle ebook, novel and ebook for $5” has kept her going and attracting clients. Something in her description caught my attention: she says, “While other writers, bite their nails and pick their noses, I am busy picking on our clients’ brain and in imagination of their target audience” Perfectwriter7 gives a free ebook cover and will also arm you with amazon kindle marketing secrets and tips! Meet this exceptional fellow

Lavina_cool,the second of the 5 Fiverrebook writers, has a tremendous record of 788 completed and delivered orders with 14 still in queue. She stands on a 97% rating. Fiverr must have their reasons for placing her below her colleague, perfectwriter7. Her offer is simple and straight to the point. She says, “I will write an exceptional and unique novel or ebook on any topic for $5” I want to lay emphasis on ANY TOPIC.So, gather your topics together, no matter how diverse they may be and get lavina_cool writing on them

Jane_writings, another proficient Fiverrebook writer, promises a unique, quality and original content for her clients. She has already made true this promise with 25 clients who trusted her enough with their ebook writing jobs and they endorsed her with a 100% rating. Order her gig here and let this promise come true for you too.


Fiverr EBook Writers

Stephenwonder comes on stage with a very professional description that inspires confidence. He promises to take the hassle of writing from off your shoulders. Over 51 orders have been completed by this graduate of English Literature and he has painstakingly maintained a 100% rating. Are you not curious enough to discover the “wonder” in Stephenwonder?

Mollienderson, who holds a M.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing offers to, “Ghostwrite, edit and rewrite your books, ebooks, novels.”With as little as $10, Mollinderson is ready to write in virtually every genreyou choose. She has already done this for 24 people and wants you to get in touch before placing your order. Her sparkling 97% rating is evident of her commitment to your satisfaction. Go here and get talking with her.

And there it goes! 5 reputable Fiverr EBook Writers available to you. I sure have taken the hassle of finding a good Fiverr EBook Writer from off your shoulders. What is my rating? Lol.