One of the reasons why people visit fiverr is because everything sells. Yes, I know what I mean when I say everything sells. I am not saying that you can go to fiverr to sell copyrighted materials, crime, abuse, or pornography. However, you can sell almost all digital products, including the one that you think that people are not looking to buy. Just like some apps in the play store without meaningful features, some fiverr gigs are absolute waste of money. I have been working on fiverr for some time and some gigs, to me, are just meaningless. Well, I am not in position to conclude that they are meaningless since people are still buying them. In fact, some of these gigs are featured on the home page.

If you really want to put your money on something with no tangible benefits, then go to fiverr and search for gigs like the one listed below. And yes, you will get the exact thing that described in the gig. They are doing what they know better. Your kids might like them anyway. I have compiled 5 gigs, and I will share them on this article. As I said in my previous articles, I do not have any link to these people whatsoever. Check them out and laugh with

1. Janrawson

I came across this gig and i was like WTF is she selling? Is she a model? Maybe you understood her business more than i do. One of her gig says “I will send you a video of my feet“. People are actually buying it. They really want to see how sexy her feet are. Is this a meaningful gig? You may decide for yourself, but to me it is kinda crazy. BTW, this gig may relief your stress and make your day fun. Janrawson is from the UK, and a level two seller. Her gig is on the “extreme bizarre” subcategory. Go check her out and get something bizarre.

Note that she’s got amazing feedback. Her overall rating is 100%, which is the highest rating any fiverr seller can get. So her gig might be the something that people are actually looking to get. See screenshot below.


2. Funnyguys

My friends from India are serious with this business. I can’t stop laughing after reading the gig. You actually need them to sing for you, however, in a depressing tone. Would this gig make you happy or do the opposite? The trio will make your birthday memorable with their comic voice. Gig says “I will sing Depressing Happy Birthday song”. Like the previous gig, this one is also in the bizarre category. Fiver has got everything that you can’t find anywhere else. Funnyguys’s account has a level two badge, which means that they are giving the best they can. The overall rating is 99%. Wanna sing a birthday song for your friend or partner? Check these talented guys and purchase their gig. Typical Indian accent will make you role on the floor while laughing.


3. Skysprinkles

Has something similar to the Janrawson. She’s cute and i think she knows the best way to start on Fiverr. It is practically difficult to come up in the competitive categories and make it. Skysprinkles has a funny gig for those who like bizarre things. Her gig title says “I will step on a fruit or vegetable“. Maybe you can’t do something like this and would love to see someone doing it on video. Contact the seller and transact with her. She’s a new seller with awesome feedback. She also deliver gig in 24 hours.


4. Lyeden

Come on you can do it. LOL, I speak Lyeden’s mind. He’s one of the craziest sellers from Hungary. I don’t need to talk too much about him. His gig says everything. Here’s one of his crazy gigs on fiverr “I will go really crazy for 30 seconds in ginger costume“. If you have kids that love cartoons or other funny videos, then this gig is perfect for them. His video preview has proven that he has something funny to offer. Unfortunately, i don’t like such services. Maybe my kids would.

You can click on the username to go to his profile and chose from his gigs. Below is the screenshot of one of his gig.


5. Ivorybun

You asked for it and now you have it. Australian seller is here with her magic. This is one of the craziest gig i found on fiverr. Her gig title says “I will drink lots of water on camera“. So what would be my benefit if i purchase her gig? I have seen people doing this several times. It is not for me. Maybe you have never seen anything like that. Check her gig and contact her to know more about the service.


Note that this article is not intended to promote or ridicule any seller on fiverr. I thought that many people experience some difficulties in finding what they need on fiverr. This article can help them without the need of searching among millions of gigs.

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