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Fiverr team is well-known for their continuous updates and feature improvement. Since the popular micro job site emerged in 2010, the team has been working continuously to make the selling and buying of digital services very easy. They have been working tirelessly to improve the user experience and added some awesome features that help sellers and buyers alike. In this short article, I will discuss about the 5 latest Fiverr features for buyers and sellers.
If you are hearing about Fiverr for the first time, kindly browse this blog to learn more about the platform and how you can use it to improve your business. For buyers, these latest features will help you find quality sellers that can deliver great work without spending too much. For sellers, you’ll find the latest features very useful as well. Let’s go…

Local translator
This is undoubtedly one of the greatest features for non-English speakers. As you already know, Fiverr is a global marketplace and it should allow non-English speakers to communicate effectively if they want to attract more buyers. The feature is very new as at the time of writing this article. What it does is simple and impressive – it automatically translates messages from one language to another. For instance, if a buyer composes a message in Spanish, and the seller’s profile only displays English as the communication language, the system will translate the language to English automatically.

Link to active order from conversation
This is another cool feature for buyers and sellers. If you have multiple orders on queue, locating a particular order during a busy period might be difficult. Fortunately, you can view your conversation with buyers and locate their order by clicking the “link to active order” button. This is a cool feature especially for people who like to discuss everything before sending the offer.
Profile update with educational background
Are you looking to hire a person with strong educational background? If your answer is yes, this feature is for you. Fiverr rolled out this awesome feature sometime in June, 2016. With the latest profile update, each user can update their educational background, certifications, and experiences. You can also include the university you attended in your profile. What a cool feature! Now you can look for competent seller based on their experience and educational background.

Custom offer and additional cost
Gone are the days when a buyer needs to order multiple gigs just to complete the price. Nowadays, you can send custom offers based on agreed price. Personally, I have sent customer offers to buyers more than 500 times. With custom offer, you can offer services as high as $10,000.
Another impressive feature is the additional cost. This feature makes it possible for sellers to send additional cost to buyers from active order. For instance, if you ordered a $5 gig for 50 words voice over and the seller discovered that the script is 150 words, he/she can send additional from the active order. With this all you need to do is to accept the offer.

Digital marketing category, search filter and related search
Digital marketing is the latest category on fiverr. Some of the services under this category are:
• Web analytics
• Domain research
• Search engine marketing (SEM)
• Web traffic
• Email marketing
• Content marketing
• Video advertising
• Product listing
• Marketing strategy, and more.
Search filter has been improved, which means that you can find services conveniently without wasting your time. You can filter based on the online presence, level, delivery time, and language.
The related search is a great feature for sellers. You can get a new gig idea by simply conducting some search.
These are latest fiverr features for buyers and sellers. Using these features will make your buying and selling much convenient.

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