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I heard you need a lot of traffic to your website. If this is true, then fiverr website traffic sellers are the best at the moment. There are over 3 million gigs on Fiverr, and website traffic is one of the most purchased gigs since the launch of the micro job site. I personally don’t buy website traffic gigs, but most people purchase them for different reasons. Whatever your reason for buying traffic to your site is, make sure you track the progress so that you can account for the results.

If you are thinking of buying website traffic so that you can get more customers on your site, I would encourage you to use other traffic sources such as Google’s Adwords, Bing ads, Twitter ads, and trusted advertising platforms. The main reason why I could not recommend Fiverr website traffic for conversions is because it is difficult to know the source of the traffic. Moreover, those who offer the service does not guarantee that the visitors will become your customers or complete any action during the visiting period. Now you may ask, why is it that 10,000 visitors per day cannot yield at least 10 sales? Well, I won’t talk about the reasons in this article. If you need some reputable website traffic sellers (based on customers review) on fiverr, these 5 sellers are worth checking on.

Amazesolutions – is the first person on the list. Obviously, he is one of the successful sellers on Fiverr. This supper seller is from Italy, and he’s also a top rated seller. His website taffic gig promises to deliver unlimited and genuine real traffic for 30 days. But how can someone deliver unlimited traffic for 30 days for $5? You’re left with the question. This same hot selling gig has pulled in over 30,825 reviews as at the time of writing this post, and it also have 106 sis orders in queue. One thing I know for sure is that 30,000 buyers cannot be wrong. So if you’re looking for best website traffic sellers on Fiverr, make sure you check out this gig. Lest I forget, the seller has 99% overall ratings, and he has been on Fiverr since 2012.website-traffic-seller

Eddycloyd – is the second person on the list, and he’s also a top rated seller. Eddy has been on Fiverr since 2011 and he has more than 13,000 reviews on his profile. His website traffic gig is one of the best on Fiverr. He promises to deliver unlimited real website traffic to your website in 24 hours. The gig has more than 7,870 reviews and 40 orders in queue as at the time of writing this post. Of course, I cannot tell you how he’s doing it, but over 7,000 may not be completely wrong. If you need unlimited website traffic to your site, do check his gig.WEBSITE-TRAFFIC-GIG-SELLER

Adsensewizard – must be doing what he knows best. His username has made it known that he’s an AdSense guru. If you don’t know what AdSense is, please Google and learn more about it. You’re here because you need website traffic, and this particular seller promises to deliver targeted website traffic to your blog in 3 days. Unlike the previous sellers, he didn’t state the amount of traffic he would deliver. He’s a level two seller from Finland, and he’s been on fiverr since 2012. The website traffic gig in question has more than 6420 reviews and 67 orders in queue as at the time of writing this post. If you need a targeted website traffic to your blog, do spare some time to visit his gig page and review the information before making purchase.fiverr-traffic-seller

Jademax – is a social media traffic provider. As mentioned earlier, it is important for you to know the source of the traffic to your website. This rising seller has more than 1,380 reviews and 82 orders in queue as at the time of writing this post. She’s been on fiverr since December, 2014 and she’s a level two seller. You can check her gig to learn more about the service.website-traffic

Crorkservice – is operated by a team of digital marketer based in Moldova. I have outsource SEO gig to them more than 5 times. They are one of the best SEO and website traffic sellers on Fiverr. This seller promises to drive organic traffic to your website during 7 days from potential buyers. This might be the best traffic gig for you if you’re looking to get more customers. The gig has just 345 reviews and 11 orders in queue as at the time of writing this article. You can check the gig to learn more about the service and how it will help your business. Lest I forget, Crorkservice has a top rated seller account, and has been on fiverr since 2011.

These are the 5 best website traffic sellers on fiverr based on gig performance and customers’ feedback. If you are looking to get more traffic to your website, make sure you review the gigs before making purchase.

Ojasweb does not guarantee that these sellers will deliver converting traffic to your website. We are not linked to the providers in any ways, and we are not responsible for transactions between you and them. However, if you need help to conduct research about the providers or to help you outsource from fiverr, do not hesitate to contact us.

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