This is a 2017 post, however it will be very helpful even in the coming years.Several people are looking for the best selling fiverr gigs 2017. Well, if you’re one of the people, i’ve come to rescue you by providing the most updated list of five hot gigs. So, let’s get to the business.

The year is still very fresh, and you can still make it on fiverr if you learn to do the right thing at the right time. As you have seen in my previous updates, i have been doing pretty fine, and i expect you to join the league as quick as you can. So, today i decided to highlight some of the best selling fiverr gigs in 2017.
This is not a generic list that you’ve been seeing all these while, i’m giving you a crude data from my extensive research. So, take your time to study them and equip yourself with the right skills that can help you succeed in the niche(s).

Here we go…

There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr, however only a fraction of them can change your status and improve you drastically. I won’t be too focus on what everyone knows. In fact, what everyone knows cannot earn you enough. So, let’s see what I’ve got for you.

1. web analytics

Your mind might be telling you to start learning Google analytics immediately you see it in the list. Yes, that’s a good thing. Web analytics is one of the hottest digital service you can offer online. As at today, it is one of the best service on Fiverr. So, don’t spend all your days looking for how to do things for free. Learn how to do things that no one can do for free. Bring your skills to fiverr and you’ll be amazed how people will bombard you with orders.

2. Online advertising


I’m not talking about solo ads or social media spamming – far from it. I’m talking about professional advertising such as Twitter advertising, Facebook advertising, Bing and Google advertising. These are all big online advertising companies that need skillful and dedicated marketers to handle projects for clients. This is undoubtedly one of the best selling gigs on fiverr in 2017. I won’t emphasize too much on any of the services mentioned, however if you’re smart enough to take the right step, you’ll find it very easy to make it on fiverr and everywhere else online.

3. Email marketing

You know it quite well. However, you might be thinking that everyone knows how to do it. If that’s how you think, you’re wrong. The larger percentage of businesses and individuals that do email marketing are not doing it right. Maybe myself included LOL! There are several techniques to master email marketing. Serious business owners are looking for smart marketers like yourself, to handle their email marketing and increase their productivity instantaneously. If this is your thing, then you’re sure of making it big on Fiverr. Go improve yourself with the relevant skills and get online without delay.

4. Website enhancement and debugging

I won’t tell you how to enhance website features or add new one, neither will i tell you what debugging is all about. These are some of the services that not so many people care about. Everyone likes to be a web designer (thanks to WordPress and other CMS), however many of them don’t even know how to solve common website issues. Trust me, there are thousands of people looking for skillful individuals to help them enhance their website features or solve some issues. I could remember when i help someone to solve a CPanel issue that has been causing serious problem for six months. The relief was undiluted. I felt so great that i could solve issues that even the hosting company’s CS could not diagnose on time. These are some of the things that most guys won’t reveal to you.

This niche is hot, and i bet not so many people are doing it. Go learn the skills needed so that you can make it without struggling with competitors.

5. SEO Services


SEO related services have been the top selling services on Fiverr since 2011. No doubt, it is one of the niches with populated by fake and unskillful providers. I’m not condemning them in any ways. However, i’m only trying to encourage you to standout among the numerous providers. Learn the intricacies, the most recent development, and the recommended techniques. Forget about using all the sophisticated software that even complicate your work. Learn the manual approach and do things that will automatically attract more people to you.

Viola! You’ve seen the 5 best selling fiverr gigs in 2017 and beyond. Isn’t it the right time for you to start learning new things? But then, you don’t just jump into pretty much anything. No, i don’t encourage people that way. You need to consider your interest and ability. If you’re most comfortable working as a graphics designer, then do your homework properly and discover what no one will tell you.