According to Norman McLaren, “Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” It takes a lot of skill and talent to breathe life into a series of inanimate drawings. The complications involved in the production of an animation cartoon never cease to awe me.

To the internet marketer, cartoon animation plays a significant role to attract buyers and boost sales and that is why many site owners employ this medium to reinforce their online presence.

Walt Disney, who was famous for being the pioneer of cartoon films and the creator of Disneyland has this to say: “Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” This simply means that cartoon animation serves both an entertaining and informative purpose for internet marketers, in attracting customers – and that is why when its methods are fully exploited, it gives bountiful results.

Experts who provide cartoon animation services are consequently, in high demand. On Fiverr too, freelancers offering this service are not just numerous but are making a lot of money from this niche.

We will focus on 5 best Fiverr cartoon animation sellers in today’s study, and find out from their sales records, how successful they have become in delivering cartoon animation gigs on Fiverr.

Customdrumloops, a top rated seller declares, “I will create you an animated sales or explainer video.” 1,098 customers have already taken him up on this promise and he delivered satisfactorily. They endorsed him with a 100% rating. 34 more customers have also gotten in line to get their own cartoon animation video from this flawless expert. He has three pocket-friendly packages for his buyers to choose from. Rush here now before the offer changes.



follows with a 100% rating from 468 impressed customers. These Fiverr cartoon animation sellers are clearly doing well and are going to great lengths to maintain maximum customer satisfaction. Vince007 also has 3 payment packages but wants you chat him up first before placing your order. His basic offer goes for $50 and he would need a script for your work. He has 7 different formats for your cartoon animation video. You just have to pick the one you prefer. Do that

Ricky8001, a level 2 seller who by his records, is also an expert cartoon animation seller on Fiverr. He says, “I will create inbound explainer video or sale video.” Buyers on Fiverr who were curious enough to try him out gave him a 100% rating – all 439 of them! 15 more customers have also joined his queue and I’m positive that Ricky8001 will impress them all. He charges $50 for his basic gig and once you order his gig and provide the script for your video, Ricky8001 is good to go! Hire him

Stephenexplainer joins his colleagues on Fiverr and is already making huge sales. He has 476 reviews and stands on a 99% rating. This has attracted 54 more customers who want to get their own share of the stephenexplainer expertise. His offer, “I will create 2D animated video,” is available in 3 packages starting at $95. But stephenexplainer, as considerate as he is, provides a service breakdown from which you can choose what you need should the packages not suit your needs. Make your choice



a level 2 seller, gets on the best Fiverr cartoon animation sellers crew and has already got 130 reviews from satisfied clients. He stands on a 99% rating and keeps saying, “I will create 2D Cartoon Animated Explainer Video.” He describes himself as honest and assures his potential clients that he delivers only top quality animated explainer videos. Starting with his $5 basic gig offering, Exvidmaker promises to use his American male accent to give your video the unique twist it needs to stand out. Try him out

Getting a good cartoon animation expert is never easy but here, you have 5 best Fiverr Cartoon Animation sellers all researched and presented to you. Do you need their services? What are you waiting for? Get rushing to their Fiverr pages now!