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Who doesn’t like the British accent? I for one do – a lot. Sometimes, when you watch an advert where an accent that is different from yours is used or an accent that you particularly like, the appeal it holds on you builds up a strong desire that compels you to purchase the product being advertised.

On Fiverr, there are sellers who have tapped into this unique power of the accent and charisma as well, to create gigs that are turning in a lot of income. We call these services, “video testimonials.”

With this, all a buyer has to do is to hire any of the video testimonial sellers and provide him with his product details and maybe a script on what to say in promoting the product. And the seller will only use the materials he’s been provided, to create a video of himself promoting that product convincingly to attract buyers.

We will look at 4 Fiverr video testimonial sellers from the UK in this study – and as well discover how well they are doing in this niche.



rated 100% by his 771 clients who achieved wonderful results with the amazing video of this professional British actress. She says, “I will make you a natural testimonial or video review” and that is exactly what she does – I mean, considering that she’s an actress – you wouldn’t expect anything less. She’s on Fiverr to promote your business with her effective video testimonials. All she needs is your script so get it written and head over

Greatgigsguy3 a top rated seller is multitalented with loads of knowledge to share. He has expressed these talents in 1918 orders and that’s why more clients have signed him up for their video testimonial jobs. He says, “I will do a testimonial at my desk with monitor for $5” – so all you have to do is dig out your $5, and let this honest and courteous guy handle your job. Go

Weeone, another professional actress joins her kin and is willing to “… do a realistic video testimonial.” You may wonder at my use of “kin” but need I remind you that they are Fiverr video testimonial sellers form the UK? She is not actually new in this as she has delivered 92 orders and is rated 99% form her excellent service. Weeone has done various adverts on her local TV station and is waiting for you here

Yoogle, having completed 997 orders and still stands on a 99% rating is bold to tell you that he “…will provide a natural UK British video testimonial presentation.” He would write your script in the most professional way if you have none and then use his deeply toned British UK mature male voice to drive the message home to your potential buyers. Now wouldn’t you love that? With $5, you could do yourself a favor and hire him

Video testimonials are very powerful tools in marketing and thus, should be handled by the experts. A lot of positive testimonies have been made for these 4 Fiverr video testimonial sellers from the UK and I’m sure yours will be positive too. Get started right away!