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Top 5 Private Schools in Badagry

You’re reading this article because you’re looking for the best private schools in Badagry. If you go use search engine such as Google to look up for schools in Badagry, you’ll get many results, however you may not be able to say which among the schools are the best. We’ve conducted thorough research and found the top 5 private schools in Badagry. The schools in the list were compiled based on popularity, standard, population, and facilities. Note that Agbara is not included, and Ojasweb does not receive any compensation from any of the schools before or after posting this...

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Top 3 Hotels in Badagry

  Badagry is one of the regions in Lagos state that has so many hotels. If I must say, hotel business is one of the major investments in the coastal town. As at the time of writing this article, there are more than 25 hotels in Badagry and its environment. Due to the rapid development and the influx of people to Badagry, it is quite possible for the number of hotels in Badagry go up to about 50 in the next 3 years. You might have come across different lists of hotels in Badagry; however, most of them are...

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Top 5 Hospitals in Badagry

This article is about the top 5 hospitals in Badagry and its environment. Badagry is well-known for her strong contributions during the slave trade era. The coastal town shared boundaries with Ogun state, and the Republic of Benin. There are many hospitals and maternity homes in Badagry, however if you don’t know which among them can give you the best treatment, this list will help you make the right choice. We’ve got the top 5 hospitals in Badagry that can deliver up and beyond your expectations any days. It is important to let you know that this article is...

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